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after 2 seasons, half of the lights are out. no matter what i do the sections of lights do not come on.

this is a rip off and i am pissed. I paid 249.00 for a christmas tree for 2 years of use. tell martha! it 's her reputation on the line.

I replaced each lights, one by one. I replaced the fuses in each plug. I took the good lights from the section that worked. NOTHING SOLVES the problem.

I will never buy another martha stewart product every again. what a joke.

what a rip off. merry f.....n christmas.

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For whatever its worth, this is the 3rd year for the tree and the lights worked fine at first...then 2 hours later it went dead. I guess I'll pull it apart and look for these fuses in the tree backbone where the 3 pieces go together.

I would have been happy if it lasted 5 years so here's to hoping its these fuses... Merry Christmas!


I, too, am dealing with light/cord issues on a fairly new MS prelit tree. My husband has electrical skills and can't figure it out!

So guess what?! I'm done with prelit trees, PERIOD!!! ALL of them! Regardless of brand, they ALL have issues.

Going back to basics of UN-lit. It's easier to fix a string of lights OFF the tree before putting them on.


I have the same problem, my tree is one year old and the light at the top doesn't work, i replaced each lamp, nothing seems to work, no buying this product again


Same problem with mine. Not supposed to be this issue with her trees. Very disappointing


I just took mine out of the box and none of the lights turn on


After two seasons we have a strand out. Checked every bulb. Fuses.....any other suggestions?


Martha Stewart is junk. These trees only last one season and then they never work again!

Waste of money! Junk Junk Junk!

I really hope Martha is aware of how much of a piece of *** her product is and what kind of reputation this is giving her. I'll never buy another Martha Stewart product of any kind again!


I bought the martha stewart tree and it didnt light up after the 1st year of use. Hate this product!


I hate this freaking tree! We bought the Martha Stewart pre lit never burns out tree for $200.

Have only had it two seasons. And two sections are out. We have tried everything! Spent a couple of hours.

Talked to customer service and they don’t even have the lights in stock to send out! I’m beyond upset.

Piece of *** this tree is. And customer service could care less.


I wish I could take a picture to show you all. I just had the same problem and was able to fix it.

If you remove each section of the tree there is a plug that plugs in to the “trunk”. On that plug see the word “open”. Inside are two fuses. Highly likely a fuse is burned out (Smoky looking).

Replace and plug back in. (Or plug into an outlet to verify function. Should work in tree afterward.

Bottom line: it is likely a burned out fuse in the prelit strand. This will block flow to strands further up the tree.

@Brian Sullivan

checked all didn't work for me

@Brian Sullivan

nope... didnt work.

@Brian Sullivan

But where do you get replacement fuse bulbs?

@Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan I was wondering if each trunk section carries electricity. The white "stopper" in my tree bottom section is broken and was sliding down the trunk.

I pulled it up with pliers and glued it to stay in place but I fear the glue will not hold up long term.

I figured the middle section had to literally plug into the bottom section in order for the electric to transfer. Thank you for confirming this for me.


We got the the 7 ft prelim never out lighting Christmas Tree and this is the 3rd year of using it .. no lights works paid close to two hundred dollars .

They won't do anything because last year I made complaint half the tree was not lit . Will never ever buy anything with the name Martha Stewart ever again ....


Mine only lasted one season, the whole thing went dark. I'm stressed out about it.

Obviously they have not completely fixed the problem. Cheap Chinese junk.


We bought our tree two years ago and now after hours of checking bulbs and fuses the top section still wont light ! We spent over 300 dollars !!


I agree.....but had much better luck with my tree....lasted almost 10 seasons....


This same exact scenario happened to our family too. We purchased a Martha Stewart "Never Out" Tree 2 years ago at cost of $250 and now 2 sections are not lit and we have tried everything to repair it. We are very frustrated and regret purchasing this Martha Stewart tree.


I am having the same trouble! I had my tree for 2 yrs.Worked up to Christmas morning- returned home in the afternoon and nothing lights!

The problem had to be below the bottom tier because NOTHING lights at all . The plug itself that plugs into the wall is sealed there is no seam!

so, where would the fuses be? My tree is still laying on the floor in 3 pieces- and I cannot even find where the fuses are that the previous guy said he replaced!

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